Monday, January 9, 2017

Be a better writer or editor using StyleWriter 4

StyleWriter 4 checks 10,000 words in 12 seconds for hundreds of style and English usage issues like wordy and complex sentences, passive voice, nominalization, jargon, clichés, readability, spelling, etc.  Watch the video demo of StyleWriter 4 features.

Download your free 14-day trial copy now.

StyleWriter 4 graphs your style and sentence variety, and identifies your writing habits to give an instant view of your writing. You can learn to adjust your writing style to suit your audience and task. You can learn, for example, the writing style of Newsweek, Time, The Economist, and Scientific American. 

StyleWriter 4 is widely used in the US federal government (for example, the Environmental Protection Agency). It can be used by educators, students, and professionals in various fields — business, law, social or physical science, medicine, nursing, engineering, public relations, human resources, journalism, accounting, etc. It comes with three versions: USA, UK, and Australian.

Documents that StyleWriter 4 can edit are articles, press releases, resumés, cover letters, technical manuals, speeches, sales letters, proposals, books (fiction or non-fiction), legal documents, advertising copy, memos, business plans, essays, research papers, policies, blog posts, procedures, thesis, dissertations, and corporate communications.

StyleWriter 4 provides 50 times more editing advice than MS Word's proofreading tools. Learn more about StyleWriter 4. You can also download PDF guide to StyleWriter 4 and testimonials from the Halifax  Bank of Scotland, London-based law firm Denton Wilde & Sapte, and County of Los Angeles, USA.

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