Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Conjunctions: worksheets, printables, lesson plans, exercises


[1] English Conjunctions By Linda Bryson

[2] Conjunctions, from Capital Community College Guide to Good Grammar

[3] Conjunctions, from Grammar Monster (British English)

[4] Conjunctions, from ESL Resource Center

[5] Coordinating conjunctions, from University of Wisconsin – Madison Writing Center

[6] Conjunctions, from Using English

[7] Lesson 9 - Conjunctions, from My English Grammar

[8] Using Coordinating Conjunctions, from The Writing Center, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Links to interactive quizzes and exercises:

[01] Exercises in conjunctions from Activities for ESL Students
Conjunctions - Level 1
Conjunctions - Level 2
And So ...
[02] Exercises in conjunctions from Better English by Pearson Brown (British English)
Conjunction 2
[03] Exercises in conjunctions from English Corner (Rod Rodgers)
Note: Javascript required.
Although vs. Because
Because vs. So
[04] Exercises in conjunctions from English Language Centre Study Zone
Basic Coordinating Conjunctions (Introduction & 1 exercise)
Basic Subordinating Conjunctions (Introduction & 2 exercises)
[05] Exercise in conjunctions from Interlink Language Centers
Conjunctions Pop Quiz 8
[06] Exercise in conjunctions from Grammar Monster (British English)
Conjunctions Test
[07] Exercises in conjunctions from Learn English Feel Good
Which Conjunction? (Advanced)
Which Conjunction? 2 (Intermediate)
[08] Exercise in conjunctions from Marcus Evans Linguarama
Connectors (Finance)
[09] Exercise in conjunctions from 5 Minute English
Using because to connect sentences
[10] Exercise in conjunctions from My English Grammar
Exercise 9 - Conjunctions
[11] Exercise in conjunctions from Online English Grammar (Edunet)
Coordinate or Split Conjunctions Intermediate - Advanced Flash
[12] Exercises in conjunctions from Rong-Chang Li
Conjunctions (1)
Conjunctions (2)
[13] Exercise in conjunctions from University of Calgary - The Basic Elements of English Grammar Guide
Conjunctions (Coordinating, Correlative, & Subordinate)
[14] Exercises in conjunctions from University of Oregon The Tongue Untied
Conjunction Practice Exercise
Conjunction Practice Exercise Answers
Interactive Quiz Week #4
Interactive Quiz 2 Week #4
[15] Exercises in conjunctions from Using English
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Beginner English
And & But (12)
While or During (10)
Intermediate English
Although, Though, Despite and However (13)
As or Like (14)
Because or Because Of ? (17)
Conjunctions (14)
In Case & In Case Of (10)
That (10)
[16] Exercise in conjunctions from World-English (British English)

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