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Spelling: discussions and interactive exercises

[01] Spelling and Word Choice, from East Tennessee State University

[02] Spelling Rules, from English Club
Adding -er / -est (quick, quicker, quickest, happy, happier, happiest, hot, hotter, hottest...)
Adding -ing / -ed (work, working, worked, stop, stopping, stopped...)
Adding -ly (loud, loudly, happy, happily, terrible, terribly...)
Adding -s
-ible or -able (accessible, visible, dependable, networkable...)
-ie- or -ei- (friend, fiend, feint, freight...)
English and American English (colour, color, practise, practice, tyre, tire...)
[03] The Spelling Zone, from English-Zone.Com
Note: Listed below are the publicly-accessed exercises and activities. You have to join in order to avail of all the resources in this website.

Adding Word Endings
ADDING -ED and -ING (index to all exercises)
Adding -ED to Verbs 01
Adding -ING to Verbs 01
ADDING -S and -ES (index page to all exercises)
Spelling Plural Nouns 06 - Chart (Irregular Plurals List)
Spelling Plural Nouns 01 (Plural Nouns I)
ADDING OTHER ENDINGS (index to all exercises)
Spelling Adverbs With -LY 01

(Index page to all exercises )
Capital Letters Lesson: NAMES
Capital Letters Quiz: NAMES
Comparatives & Superlatives: BIG-BIGGER-BIGGEST, AS...AS (Index to all exercises)
Comparatives 01 Comparatives - one syllable words
Contractions: I + am = I'm, There + is = There's, etc. (Index to all exercises)
Contractions: Negative Modals (Contractions Practice #2)
Your or You're? 01 Confusing Words - Your / You're
Contractions: Subject + Be Verb Contractions Practice #1 - to BE Verb

(Index page to all exercises)
Possessive Nouns with Apostrophe S General Rules for Making POSSESSIVE NOUNS
Spelling Practice, Take some practice spelling quizzes (index to all exercises)
Beginning Spelling Lesson + Quiz BEGINNING SPELLING 1
Advanced Spelling Quiz 01 ADVANCED SPELLING Quiz 1
[04] Spell Check (with Easy and Hard categories), from Funbrain

[05] Complete List of Spelling Rules for Nouns and Verbs by Susan Jones (Georgia State University)
Rules for Irregular Plural Formation of Nouns
List of Irregular Nouns
Rules for Irregular Spelling of Verb Inflections
[06] Spelling, from HyperGrammar (University of Ottawa)
Spelling words with "ei" and "ie"
Review: "ei" and "ie"
Spelling final "y" before a suffix
Review: final "y" before a suffix
Final Silent "e"
Review: Final Silent "e"
Spelling Words with Double Consonants
Review: Double Consonants
[07] Spelling Practice, Levels 1 to 5 (about one hundred interactive spelling exercises), from Interlink Language Center

[08] Spelling, from Interesting Things for ESL Students
Note: This excellent website by Charles I. Kelly and Lawrence E. Kelly has the most number of activities and exercises in spelling among the sites we have checked out. Listed below are just some representative examples. Visit this website to avail of the other spelling activities and exercises.

Spelling and Typing Games: Type the word before you run out of time.
Catch the Spelling: Catch the letters in the correct order.
Word Based Games for ESL Students (Flash Player version 5 or newer)
Spelling / Vocabulary Quizzes: 151 quizzes covering over 1,500 words
Crossword Puzzles: Doing crossword puzzles may help your spelling
English Vocabulary: Some of the activities listed on this page are good for spelling practice
[09] Spelling (Misspelled words in English), from Learning English Online, (English version)
Spelling - Fill-in Exercise 1
Spelling - Fill-in Exercise 2
Spelling - Fill-in Exercise 3
Spelling - Fill-in Exercise 4
[10] Spelling Practice (347 Spelling/word form errors), from Michael Buckhoff's ESL Website for Students and Teachers
Spelling List One
Spelling List Two
Spelling List Three
Spelling List Four
Spelling List Five
Spelling List Six
Spelling List Seven
Spelling List Eight
Spelling List Nine
Spelling List Ten
Spelling List Eleven
Spelling List Twelve
Spelling List Thirteen
Spelling List Fourteen
Spelling List Fifteen
Spelling List Sixteen
Spelling List Seventeen
Spelling List Eighteen
Spelling List Nineteen
[11] 50 commonly misspelled words, from Spelling test by Mindy McAdams

[12] Spelling rules and exercises, from OWL English Purdue Grammar and ESL Exercises
I / E Spelling Rules: Exercise 1
I / E Spelling Rules: Exercise 2
I / E Spelling Rules: Exercise 3
I / E Spelling Rules: Exercise 4
[13] Free online spell checker (up to 20,000 characters), from

[14] Spelling It Right - Learn To Spell Confidently, by Roger Smith (British English)
Note: This great website offers lessons and activities in spelling including Syllables, Consonant Blends, Prefixes, Suffixes, Word endings, Vowels, Words in Science, Maths, English, Geography, Plurals, Memorizing Strategies, Word games, Wordsearches. Listed below are the Interactive Hangman games from this site.
Hangman: suffixes -able and -ible practice
Hangman: the i before e rule
Hangman: words starting bl, br, cr, cl, dr
Hangman: words starting fl, fr, gr, gl
Hangman: words starting ch, k, ph and g
Hangman: words starting wh, c or sc
Hangman: words starting pl and pr
Hangman: words which have the "magic" e
Hangman: words ending -er, -or and –ar
Hangman: words starting sc, sh, sl, sm, sn, sp, squ, st, and sw
Hangman: plurals of words ending –y
[15] Often Misspelled Words in English, from
100 Most Often Misspelled Words in English
150 More Often Misspelled Words In English
[16] Word Cup (an international, online vocabulary competition for all ages, students and adults, sponsored among others by Oxford University Press), from eSpindle
eSpindle is a non-profit organization offering customized vocabulary tutoring online. It is supported through memberships, and memberships are matched with free licenses for disadvantaged students. Other services and resources offered by eSpindle:

Practice quiz for the Word Cup (Choose between easy, average and hard words; quiz updated twice a month)
Free, moderated online spelling bee and Word Cup forum (exchange ideas, make friends, find encouragement)
Root word directory (prefixes, root words and suffixes)
Fun trivia about the English language and learning
Facts and statistics about literacy in the US
[17] SpellCheckPlus, from Dr. Terry Nadasdi (University of Alberta, Canada) and Dr. Stefan Sinclair
A tool for writing in English that identifies spelling errors and common grammatical problems. It is able to detect problems with words that sound the same (e.g.: there versus their, its versus it's, etc.), incorrect use of correct words (e.g.: never mined instead of never mind), punctuation / spacing (e.g.: with out instead of without), capitalization (e.g.: saturday instead of Saturday) and hundreds of grammatical errors, e.g.: I have went instead of I have gone. The site is particularly adept at catching commonly confused words and "slips of the pen", e.g.: pier pressure instead of the correct peer pressure, road to hoe instead of the correct row to hoe, etc.

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