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Reading: discussions and interactive exercises

[01] Reading, from English-at-home

[02] English Reading, from EnglishClub
Classic English Reading ( famous texts in English from classic sources like the Bible or Shakespeare, with Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Shakespeare categories)

English Short Stories (For upper-Intermediate to Advanced levels, Short stories ranging in length from 1,500 to 7,000 words, with activities in vocabulary, vocabulary quiz and comprehension quiz. Some stories are from the public domain like Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher”, and H.H. Munro’s classic horror story “The Monkey's Paw”.)

Authors (William Blake; Rudyard Kipling; Wilfred Owen; William Shakespeare; Percy Bysshe Shelley)

The English Alphabet
Reading Test (Written Comprehension Test)
English Proverbs
News (Current English language news stories from news publications around the world, good for reading practice)
[03] Reading, from English Corner (Rod Rodgers)
Note: Javascript required, with audio selections related to readings
Glossed Readings
Glossed Poems
Readings with True - False Quiz
Readings with Multiple Choice Quiz
Story Building Exercises
Text Reconstruction Exercises
Cloze Exercises
[04] Reading Techniques (Skimming, Scanning, and Using Context), from English On The Run

[05] English Reading Room, from English Page
Free Online Newspapers; Free Online Magazines; Free Online Books and Literature;
Free Online Reference Materials; Online Libraries
[06] The Reading Room - English Comprehension, from English The International Language
Practice your reading skills and improve your vocabulary through selected Articles and Stories, with instant feedback in the True/False questions
[07] Reading, from English Works! Gallaudet University
Reading and Mapping Strategies
Reading Exercises (Traditional Reading Practice - main idea, details, and inferenc- with Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Cloze Reading Practices
ESL Reading Links (Reader’s Digest, National Geographic and many others)
[08] Reading, from esl-lounge Student
[09] Finest Quotes

[10] Readings in English, from Interesting Things for ESL Students
Reading English Signs
VOA's Special English Feature Stories (with limited vocabulary of 1,500 words)
[11] The Reading Room, from John’s ESL Interactive
Reading Strategies
Action Mazes (Interactive reading exercises)
Password Prize (game)
[12] Reading, from Karin’s ESL Partyland
With Easy, Difficult and TOEFLesque categories, and reading comprehension activities (matching, error correction, etc)
[13] Online Literature Library, from
Aesop’s Fables (350 direct translations from the Greek)
Selected plays of Shakespeare (All's Well that Ends Well; Antony And Cleopatra;
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; Julius Caesar)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Junior Classics - World Fables (from India, China, Japan, New Guinea, Serbia, Jamaica and others)
World Folk Tales
African Folk Tales
Central Asian Folk Tales
Central European Folk Tales
Chinese Folk Tales
Frank B. Linderman, 1915, Indian Why Stories
The Twins Tales: - Lucy Fitch Perkins, 1911 onwards
[14] Reading, from Language and Learning Online (Monash University)
Effective Reading; Selecting Texts; Predicting; Skimming; Scanning; Detailed Reading; Taking Notes; Reading problems, and Reading Strategies in Education
[15] Readings for ESL Students, from Lauri’s ESL Website

[16] Reading Comprehension, from Learning English Online (, English version)

[17] ESL Reading Lessons, from 5 Minute English
Note: There are many selections with comprehension exercises from this site; listed below are some representative articles.
Night Study in Korea
Improving Your English
English Around the World
English as an International Language
[18] Reading skills, from One Stop English
Reading matters: What is reading?
Reading skills lesson plans (lesson plans for teaching and learning reading)
[19] 100 free short stories for ESL learners (with listening, grammar, comprehension, and dictation exercises), from Rong-chang Li
Note: In order to listen to the real audio, you need to install the free Real Player. To see the definitions and hear the pronunciation of any word in the stories, you can install the free 1-click Answers program.
[20] Learn English with the news, Read and listen to articles, from Simple English News

[21] Learn English Reading, from Teacher Joe
Timed Readings (How many words per minute can you read?)
Life in China
Joe's Newest Jokes (Learn Vocabulary in context )
English Conversations (Read dialogues between a Chinese student and her friend from New York)
[22] The Quotations Archive

[23] Reading Comprehension Exercises, from Using English
Note: Reading comprehension exercises, based primarily on ESL examination questions like Cambridge ESOL, TOEFL, IELTS and other major exams
Comprehension: Beginner Level Exercises
Comprehension: Intermediate Level Exercises
Comprehension: Advanced Level Exercises
[24] Reading, from world-english
English Proverbs
Proverbs & Old Sayings Quiz
Classic Short Stories (public domain, copyright free)
Classic English Poetry

Spoken English Learned Quickly offers free downloads of lessons and books (Learning Spoken English, a 450-page Student Workbook and an Instructor’s Guide) to your computer, iPod, Blackberry, MP3 player or PDA; Lessons in vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and verb tenses using spoken English exercises; Complete lessons contain enough recorded audio lesson material for two hours of study a day, five days a week for nine months.

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